Date: 24/09/2018

By: Виктория

Subject: Перезвоните,

Позвоните мне, пожалуйста, по номеру 8 (495) 248-01-88 Виктория

Date: 22/09/2018

By: How to fix Yahoo mail not working on google chrome?


This is a very common issue that the yahoo mail users get to face if they try to access their yahoo mail account on google chrome. For getting this error fixed clean the web browser history then update the browser to the latest version, get the java script enabled. If still the problem continues then disable the proxy settings and also check if there is any add extensions that are not required then get them removed. If still you find yourself stuck with any type of technical glitch or any problem then get in touch with the yahoo technical team. Get info visit here:

Date: 21/09/2018

By: Brother Printer 1800-985-318 Customer Support Number


Feel Free to Call at Brother Printer Repair and Support helpline Toll-free Number +61-1800-875-318 Australia to get tech support, if you are getting printer temperature errors like error 40, 42, 43, 49 or 44 while operating it. This toll-free number will connect with our well expertise or Printer tech experts, where You not only get the solution here but our team also gives you tip to avoid problems in future within easy steps. So think less and call now at Australia toll-free number 1-800-875-318

Date: 20/09/2018

By: sap mm training in noida sector 2


Webtrackker technology provides best sap mm training in noida sector2.
sap mm training in noida sector 2</a>

Date: 19/09/2018

By: Epson Printer 0800-041-8254 Support Number UK


Epson is a brand name known in the printer market, there is a wide range of printing machines with a lot of verity to offer to the users. On one hand where Epson is known for launching mini printers in the market on the other hand the same printers go up to a wide range of laser printers and also efficient multi- function printers. More info visit here:

Date: 19/09/2018


Subject: Canon Printer Support @1800875318 Number

Australian users of Canon printers are advised to contact Technical assistance for canon printer @+61-1800875318 where the representatives will resolve all troubles related to this company printers in the limited time period. You can avail help for Canon printer connectivity issues, cartridge problems, faulty printouts and even other glitches that you are facing with the device. All the snags will be rectified with a relevant solution.

Date: 18/09/2018

By: MorrisGorma

Subject: Health. Спасение Жизни. Благодарность.

Женщины СНГ. Вы можете получить Гражданство Израиля. Брак с израильтянином. Можно Формальный. Гарантия 100%. Дорого. Обращаться на почту

Date: 13/09/2018

By: How to fix Kaspersky full scan malfunction error?


On one hand kaspersky is counted among the most advanced antivirus software that is present in the market and is very well appreciated for that, but on the other hand this same advancement sometimes becomes a curse for the users using the antivirus as they do get stuck into complicated errors like one given above. To fix this full scan malfunction error disable windows defender turn off the windows firewall if it is running then reboot the system. If you are still unable to fix it on your own then go to the technical support at:

Date: 12/09/2018

By: anapomia

Subject: ООО "СИТИ-СПА" +79266772255 89266772255 КИДАЛЫ!!

Отзывы: Телефон: 89266772255 КИДАЛЫ И МОШЕННИКИ
Руководитель Парамонов Сергей Александрович КИДАЛА

Телефон руководителя: +79266772255 - КИДАЛА И МОШЕННИК
Дата регистрации 01.07.2016
ОГРН 1167746620337
ИНН 7722368861

Адрес (место нахождения) 111020, г. Москва, пер. Юрьевский, д. 11

Директор Сергей Александрович Парамонов МОШЕННИК, обещает многое. Берет деньги, пропадает. Затем говорит, что не вернет и назначает встречу. Приезжает с чеченцами и заставляет отказаться от долга. Не имейте с ним дел.
+79266772255 89266772255 МОШЕННИКИ И КИДАЛЫ

Date: 11/09/2018

By: How to change E – mail address added with your Microsoft account?


A person may need to change his or her e- mail address due to many reasons such as change of e-mail service provider, prefer using phone number for sign in or want an e- mail address that is easier to remember. For this first of all sign in Microsoft account click ‘’your info’’ click ‘’manage how you sign in to Microsoft’’ select ‘’ Add email’’ or ‘’Add phone number’’ then further set the new address as your primary email address. If still you are stuck at some or the other confusion then you can always ask the Microsoft tech support to help you with the issue. Get info visit here:

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